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Works included here use the simple running stitch, sometimes called a kantha stitch or a chicken stitch and the bead embroidery back stitch.  They are the most basic and intuitive ways to use a threaded needle on cloth.  The effect of these kind of simple embroidery stitches, when repeated close together, has a meditative effect on both the maker and the viewer.  

Intricate detail brings a visual power and presence to work that is of a relatively small scale.  It is evocative of the pointillism and patterning of Aboriginal artworks and is intended to evoke a sense of entrancement.

Snakes are used as content in my artwork and symbolize transformation, creativity, and potential.  Curvilinear form is endlessly fascinating, as it spirals, squiggles, and folds over on itself, creating an elegant calligraphy. 

Stitching & Snakes: Collections
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