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  • Jennifer Whitten

Underneath and Behind

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I am entranced by the stitches, marks, and patterns on the back of my works.

This image is the backside of Homing, a 12" x 12" bead embroidery I completed this month. The thread used in my work is rarely seen but so intrinsic to each piece. I often imagine what my beadwork looks like without the beads--just the thread...tracing its three dimensional path in space...linear, but describing the motion and action of the object's making. I know my work is evolving toward using these images and ideas in pieces of their own, a big departure aesthetically, but completely homing in on what has been there all along.

Underneath and behind lies the structure that supports.

Stitches.  Backside of Homing, 12" x 12", bead embroidery.

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